Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My Brain Book

I have been writing about sex for 200 days at and the time has come to start something new. I am about to enter a new territory. This is uncharted grey space. This is an up close and personal hands on look into my brain.

The memoir is over and now is the time for my next novel to begin. The problem is the writing regime. With Furious Vaginas I have been writing about sex every day, and the discipline kept me on task. No slacking off, no sleeping on the job. I need to replicate this kind of obsessive discipline for my next venture. This is where The Brain Blog begins.

This is a book that will take me into my own brain. I will need to bury my hands in visceral research. I will need to read and respond. I will do this on line. This feels like such a complex project for me and this method of research seems like an extension of my previous work. This is my first post. Wish me luck as I stretch out to explore a new and exciting realm, the messy, slightly frightening territory of my own head.

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