Tuesday, December 2, 2008


I had this idea about interstitial bits added into the brain book. This was all about the landscape of the mind. Originally I wanted to write an epic novel that was set in the landscape of the brain. The first third of the book would be when our character was still in a coma. The brain stem would begin the book. He would be reduced to basic functions, eat, defecate, sexual urges. We would see his life unfolding through these most basic of brain-stem activities. My book in my head was large and discriptive and rose up out of the brain stem to higher brain functions. The book followed the different areas of the brain and each section would be related to each area of the book. This was my dream. It still sounds like a great plan at this stage, but I wonder if I would want to read such an epic book. I like stories that are simple with few characters and an emotional core that is solid. I like simple things that are a clear and easy journey with challenging characters that I grow fond of by slow increments. This is the kindof story I like to read, therefore this strange and imaginary world of the brain my remain in my head.

It won't hurt to write some of it anyway occassionally, just for fun. But I may not do anything with it and it seems that this book will be a simple and strong narrative about a man taking a journey away from all he knows that will bring him closer to knowing about the ones he has left behind.

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