Monday, December 8, 2008


a little exercise in structure.

I am going to cook my boy a lovely dinner tonight, and as he is the queen of structure, I am going to use the tool at hand and get him to talk it all through with me. I will take notes. I will get scenes mapped out and at the end of it all I will be a little closer, because I have no focus at the moment and it all blurs into the same thing and I am writing myself into a tight little circle.

All this tonight in exhange for a meal.


Zen Quill said...

I can so relate to what you said in here and it made me feel better about my own literary struggle. I am on yet another draft of my novel and despite the books and the courses I have endured over the past two years to get it together, I still struggle.

I committed about two months ago to Kim Wilkins Year of the Edit starting in Feb. There's nothing like a great looming deadline to push me over the finish line, or the edge - let's see which one comes first.

I hope dinner was a success and has brought you closer . Sounds like a great deal.

Krissy Kneen said...

I hear Kim Wilkins is fab. She sounds like a strong and consistent tutor and worker. I hope this works out for you. We postponed our dinner but it will be soon.