Saturday, November 22, 2008

laptop on your pillow

Nothing much changes. She logs in to her computer every morning and at night and there are messages but none of them are from him. She has an email recommending books she might like, she is warned about her download capacity from her internet provider, a man in Uganda has left her a rather hefty legacy that she could claim by providing her bank account details. And nothing much has changed really. She feels a little flat perhaps, but she cooks her meal and eats it listening to music turned up too loud. She runs a bath and soaks in expensive bubbles. Se climbs between chill sheets with a book and her laptop open on the pillow beside her. Sometime after midnight she closes the thing and watches the little pulsing light on the front of its snapped-shut mouth, a silent heartbeat. When she touches it it is warm.

Maybe she should get a pet, a cat. A dog would need too much maintenance, but a cat would be more self-sufficient. If he were there on the internet she would ask him his opinion.

Her: Should I get a cat.
Him: I dont' know, should you?
Her: It would be a long term problem to fill a short-term need. Like having a child because I want to buy a particular toy and have no one to give it to.

Perhaps she doesn't need anyone to run things buy. She is capable of providing his opinion for him.

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