Thursday, November 13, 2008


She is researching social networks and she has no friends. The irony of this is not lost on her. There is also the difficult relationship that she shares with her family. She is easily diagnosed. She has been in therapy for a short while.

"Yes,"she says, "My fraught relationship with my family. Yes. 892 friends on Facebook and I am sitting at a cafe having breakfast with a good book. Yes. I got a video and popped a bottle of champagne on my birthday and my one phone call was from my mother and we fought."

The psychotherapist nods and charges her $120.00 for this piece of self diagnosis.

'You are better therapy' she types in an email to him. 'You should charge by the hour and then I'd be broke and then I wouldn't be able to flirt with you because of the patient, therapist relationship so maybe it is a bad idea after all. It is worth paying my psych $120.00 just so I can still flirt with you.'

He has not replied to the four emails she sent him yesterday. She has been working on her computer and she has watched for the little green lights popping up in her g-chat list but he has remained grey. Her faccebook page has remained open and the list of on-line friends has swelled and dissipated but he has remained notably absent.

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