Friday, November 14, 2008

psych 2

He doesn't like her anymore. He has found another on-line friend, or perhaps, worse, a real life friend. He has woken up next to a new love and he has spent the day with her and he has spent the day with her and he will not contact her again.

This is the first thought. Of course there is always the possibility that life has imitated her art. He might be dead. She clicks away from the article for Reel Time she has been working on and finds her way to his name in her list of friends. There is one new wall post from someone she doesn't know. A work related question.

'Did you hide that file on purpose?'

"He just isn't there anymore." She tells the psych. "He was always there and now he has gone."

"And how does that make you feel?"

"Agitated. Lonely."

The woman nods and Rose rolls her eyes. Another hundred dollars. She writes 'Where are you?' on his wall and knows that this is something that she has seen on the walls of the dead. Wonders if she is writing his death knell, that e-ullulation that will echo long after he is gone. She knows that this kind of thinking is morbid. He has just found another girl, she tells herself. She has no claim on him. There have been no promises between them.

'Come on.' she writes on his wall 'you are making me paranoid'.

She waits another two days and still she hears nothing.

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