Saturday, November 1, 2008

unhappy endings

In life things don't end the way you want them to. Either they are too neat or they are disapointingly flat or the problem just drifts away and we forget our question. I am dissapointed by endings. Michael Ondaatje has dissapointed me occasionally with his endings. Tim Winton so often trails away. My friend has pencilled his own ending into his life and I am sad about it. I want my book to have an ending that will make the journey so much more worth while.

I am going to take my boy out and talk to him about this book. He is the structure head from heaven. I seem to be struggling to find my way. He is a useful tool in the creative process. I know that I need to find some sense of structure to make this work for me. I don't know where I am going. I am just drifting along writing the occasional scene but it is not gelling for me yet. I will write a structure map. I may even draw it up and hide it on the inside of the cupboard where it will not be intrusive in the house. I will write it on the blog.

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