Sunday, November 16, 2008

more writing

There has been more writing of late. I have felt the trickle of it gaining speed. I have an idea although it is not the initial idea. It is a side path and I think about back tracking but I have found something to follow and I follow it. I think about Don Delillo. There is something about this path that makes me think I might be meandering towards him in my efforts to grasp the task of an artist and transform it into words.

There is The Body Artist and Falling Man and Underworld. It is a theme that recurs. Art and life and art. It never works, or does it? I think about "Love My Way" and surely there are some classic examples, Proust perhaps I can't seem to find other examples of this but I am sure they are out there. For now I just have to describe her art which is a hunt for something really, a search for catharsis perhaps. Posession. I think of A S Bayatt and Patrick Suskind even. There are positive examples if I search hard enough. But for now I just think about Delillo, and how it never really worked for him and how it will probably not work for me, but I just have to try for now. There is nothing else happening here.

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Christopher Currie said...

I like the sound of this. There's nothing like that first tremble of an idea.