Thursday, November 27, 2008


It has happened. Finally after so many years I will be getting a book published. Not just published, but published by my favourite publisher of all, Text. I was trying not to tell everyone but then my friend Benjamin Law couldn't contain himself and then it went out on his facebook page and Ben knows everyone, so everyone knows. Pre-publication publicity you could say. Also, everyone knows that something is wrong. I just grin all the time. I have never been happier. I keep imagining that I will wake up and it will be taken away from me somehow, but it has been three days and it is still true.

I must regroup - as they say. I am scatty and too excited to focus. I am not sure how to progress. Suddenly I want to race back to previous manuscripts, clean them up so that I can present my new and wonderous publisher (how good does that sound?!) with something else soon. I have four more manuscripts that have been shortlisted for something. My friend Mr Somerville is going to help me weed one of them that is overgrown and in a bit of a state but I am certain there is some beautiful gem underneath it all.

But what about this new book, my brain book. I thought about abandoning it while I made way for the new baby in the cradle, my memoir out in the world. But I want to plod on with it, just a little at a time. I can't stop making new things now. I have written 6 manuscripts in the last 12 years and I need to move on as well as look back. I can do it. I can continue to create this new book and fix up the old ones. I am sure of it.

I will do this.

My recommitment begins tomorrow.

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